The Bear Pause





During the early 1980's, Carol Peters and I wrote, illustrated and sold several reproducible teddy bear books in Highsmith, a national library catalog. We discovered that we really didn't enjoy the retail business and had other priorities in our lives.  We've learned so much about publishing since then, but teachers still ask for the materials. 

Home Away From Home

Your classroom is your home away from home and should be a pleasant place to spend your day. Here are some suggestions for using a bear them at the beginning of the year to make your classroom a "beary" special place!

B.I.P. Bulletin Board: Keep a B.I.P. (Beary Important Person) bulletin board up all year, but start with yourself. Regie Routman talks about the need for teachers to bond with their students and this is one way to begin. You are very important to those incoming students and this is an excellent way for you to share yourself with them during the first week. It will also give them a better understanding of what to do when it's their turn. Enlarge the B.I.P. bear from the database below. I like to use an overhead transparency so that I can make it quite large. There's no need for coloring if you use tan vellum: just use a black permanent marker for the outline. Children may bring anything from home that tells something about themselves and who they are (i.e. photos, posters, memorabilia from vacations, and even their favorite shirt!). Arrange a time on Monday to help the child of the week put their bulletin board together. Besides being a real ego boost, it's a valuable lesson in organizing and presenting materials. Children should be allowed time to share the bulletin board they've created and all it holds. Their classmates can each contribute to a "You Are Beary Special" book that can be presented to the B.I.P. at the end of the week.

Bears, Bears and More Bears! Use any of the bears from this page and/or Calendar Court to create a bulletin board. Simply enlarge on brown package wrapping paper, outline in black felt marker and use immediately. No lengthy coloring is necessary.

Suggested Bulletin Board Captions:
     A Honey of a Job!
     Things to Bear in Mind
     The Beary Best!
     The Bear Facts About . . .
     Hunting for Bears
     On the Right Track





Madame Libearian's Guide
to the Care and Handling of Books

As a school "libearian" and Reading Specialist, I have always had concerns about mishandling of books. Unfortunately, there weren't too many materials to use with young children 25 years ago and so Carol and I made our own. I think your youngsters will love this one as much as we do!


Bear Bucks

Five Dollar Bear Bucks

Beary Happy Birthday


Beary Important Person

Chart Holder Bear


Desktop Name Tag

Get Well Card


Happy Bear Day

Happy Birthday to You


Nurse Pass

Pencil Pal

Straw Beary Topper

Straw Beary Shake


Things to Bear In Mind


Addresses and Phone

 Numbers Form


Bingo Bear


What's For Lunch?
Parent Teacher Phone Log







Teddy Time


Teddy Time is a full color reproducible teaching unit CD. Preschool and primary teachers will love to create a classroom "Teddy Time" with this set. It includes over 200 pages of original poems, puzzles, pocket chart activities, songs, certificates, readers, calendars, math and more. Everything you need is there! The illustrations are the whimsical work of Helena Normark, the talented artist of and fame. All buyers will receive as a bonus a copy of Mama Bear's Kitchenary, which will be added to the CD.

Proceeds from the sales of this CD are dedicated to establishing and maintaining a scholarship fund and to the support of literacy for children and teachers.   International shipping costs will have to be calculated at the time of purchase. I just mailed one to Australia and it was only $6.55 to send it. Amazing!



Teddy Time CD
Price: $15.95





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