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This is a page that is devoted entirely to learning the alphabet. Most of the items for individual letters have been updated and I will be adding more and revising some of the old things in the near future.  (Bear with me!) I know that many of you are anxious to have access to these materials and I appreciate your patience! If you have any requests, please don't hesitate to let me know at 

Most early attempts at literacy start out as barely recognizable drawings and doodles. Until children have learned to perceive the attributes and characteristics of letters, they will continue to use and confuse them. On this page you will find research based activities to use at home or in your classroom. Most of the activities are geared toward kindergarten and first grade, but I have found that they helped older children who had already learned to write in their primary language: Arabic! 






Working on My Letters with AlphaToons Sets   

AlphaToons is a full color reproducible teaching unit. Preschool and primary teachers will love to teach the alphabet and beginning sounds using this all new CD Set.  All new artwork from Ron Leishman of Just contact me through email (see above) and I will send you a thumb drive of AlphaToons and other grade level appropriate materials that you might need.

The AlphaToons Readers and Big Books files have at least one reader for each letter of the alphabet, mini books for each, 2 sets of big books and pocket chart activities.

The AlphaToons Practice Pages file has handwriting, Match and Color, Trace and Write Cards, Color, Cut and Paste, Mini books for writing, Following Directions, Circle and Write, Cut and Paste, How Many Do You Hear? (Syllables) and Where's That Sound?


The AlphaToons Songbooks have over 50 pages of print ready songs and poems.



The AlphaToons Puzzles and Games for Independent Practice file includes Letter Lotto, Partner Puzzles, Skill Wheels, Snap That Sound, Picture Puzzles, ABC Fish, Dominoes, and much, much more!

The AlphaToons for the Teacher file has charts, Toon Tickets, Link a Letter Posters, Power Point Presentation, the AlphaToon Card Set, Picture Perfect Alphabet, Center Suggestions and Signs, Word Posters and more.


AlphaToons for the Teacher

Alphabet Knowledge Presentation
Alphabetic Knowledge and the Alphabetic Principle
AlphaToons Chart
AlphaToons Coupons in the Classroom
AlphaToons I Have Who Has
AlphaToons Link a Letter
AlphaToons Picture Puzzles
AlphaToons Word Lists
AlphaToons Words for Writing
AlphaToons Work Mats
Center Signs and Suggestions
Letter Recognition Materials
Letter Walls
Shared Reading of the Alphabet Chart
Toon Tickets
Ways of Learning Letters

AlphaToons Puzzles and Games

AlphaToons Clip and Save Set
AlphaToons Letter Lotto
AlphaToons Puzzle Set
AlphaToons Sequence with a Smile
AlphaToons Skill Wheels
AlphaToons Snap That Sound Set
AlphaToons What's in This Box?

AlphaToons Songs and Poems

AlphaToons Songbook
Mrs. Word Bird Songbook and Activity

 AlphaToons Big Books and Readers

Are You Up, Mr. U? Big Book/Reader
Awesome Aa Big Book/Reader
Bubble, Bubble, Best Big Book/Reader
Celebrate C Big Book/Reader
D is for Dessert Big Book/Reader
Exercising Ee Big Book/Reader
Friends with Ff Big Book/Reader
Generous G Big Book/Reader
Have You Ever Seen a Robot? Big Book/Reader
Hello to Hh Bog Book/Reader
I See an Elephant Big Book/Reader
I'll Take Ii Big Book/Reader
Jumping with Jj Big Book/Reader
Keeping Up with Kk Big Book/Reader
Kids in the Kitchen Big Book/Reader
Looking at Ll Big Book/Reader
M is for Marshmallows Big Book/Reader
Open Up Big Book/Reader
Popular Pp Big Book/Reader
Q is for Quiet Big Book/Reader
Reading the News with Nn Big Book/Reader
Say Yes, Mr. Y Big Book/Reader
Success with Ss Big Book/Reader
T is for Turtle Big Book/Reader
Time for Tt Big Book/Reader
U is for Unicorn Big Book/Reader
V's Point of View Big Book/Reader
Way to Go Ww Big Book/Reader
X is for Xray Big Book/Reader
Z is for Zipper Big Book/Reader

Toons Long A Big Book
Toons Long E Big Book
Toons Long I Big Book
Toons Long O Big Book
Toons Long U Big Book
Toons Short A Big Book
Toons Short E Big Book
Toons Short I Big Book
Toons Short O Big Book
Toons Short U Big Book

AlphaToons Practice Pages

AlphaToons Circle and Write Set
AlphaToons Color Cut and Paste
AlphaToons Consonant Cut and Paste Set
AlphaToons Find and Color
AlphaToons Following Directions Set
AlphaToons Handwriting Capitals Set
AlphaToons Handwriting Lower Case Set
AlphaToons Match and Color Set
AlphaToons Mini Book Set
AlphaToons Trace and Write Cards
AlphaToons Where's That Sound Set






Easy as ABC! Collection


The Alphabet Collection contains  hundreds of pages of games, alphabet readers with pocket chart words and pictures, games, puzzles, sorting activities, handwriting, mini books, word cards, shape books, songs and poems, activity packets for individual consonants and an alphabet chart.

Samples of Activity Packets







Available in the website catalog: no cost





What does research say?

I retired from teaching in the Language Arts Specialist program at UCSD,in June, 2009, and still have many of the materials that I created for my students. Please feel free to use these for staff development at your site and/or for parent education.

Alphabet Knowledge
(PowerPoint Presentation)

Alphabet Knowledge Handout

How to Teach Alphabetic Awareness to Struggling Readers






Recommended Reading

I would strongly recommend that teachers read two excellent sources for a better understanding of letter identification in young children. Please note that I didn't say letter "recognition."  There's a big difference! Recognition implies automaticity or "knowing" without having to think about it. We recognize our names, but we would have to "identify" unfamiliar and unknown words. The same holds true for children who are just beginning to explore the world of print. They often recognize many of the letters in their own names, but have to work hard to learn to identify unfamiliar letters. Lecture over. Here are the two book titles:

Clay, Marie (1993). Reading Recovery: A Guidebook for Teachers in Training. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. (Pages 23-28, and 55-56 discuss learning to look at print with concrete suggestions for the teacher, particularly for children who seem to have difficulty with remembering letter names.)

Dorn, Linda, French, Cathy, and Jones, Tammy (1998). Apprenticeship in Literacy: Transitions Across Reading and Writing. York, Maine: Stenhouse. (Pages 92-95 discuss multiple ways of learning about print and pages 111-114 describe a literacy corner for exploring letters.)






Shared Reading of the Alphabet Chart

Click on the above link to download a list of alternatives for reading the ABC chart. This develops stronger perception and encourages children to take a more critical look at the letters of the alphabet. Mount your chart on vellum, laminate and keep it handy near your shared reading area.

Purpose: To provide children with a special set of cues that can be used during reading and writing activities.

Materials: Use a large ABC chart for shared reading in the group. Reduce the chart (or download the Alphabet Chart from this page) and place a copy in each child's writing folder to be used as a personal resource during journal writing.

Collect a large variety of quality ABC books to use for read-alouds and shared reading. Read one a day, particularly at the beginning of the year. Cover some of the letters with Post-its and ask children for predictions before removing the stickers. Share a variety of ABC books with your child or group to promote flexible knowledge about letters and sounds.

A student-generated big book of the Alphabet with letters and picture cues may also be used for shared reading activities.

Procedures: Gather the children around or in front of the large ABC Chart. Point to each letter (upper and lower case) and each picture and you lead the children in a shared reading of the chart. Read the letters fluently and pause at appropriate points to allow the children to lead the reading of the letters or to say the pictured cues. Read the chart daily until your child or group is able to read the chart independently. The chart soon becomes a familiar resource for associating letter and sound cues during reading and writing events.






Let's Deal
(Alphabetizing Flash Cards)

My first grade team had a flexible way of having their students practice alphabetical order. We purchased multiple sets of colorful sight word flash cards that are produced by several publishers. The picture is on one side and the word on the other. (We laminated them for durability.) Each child was given 5-10 cards each day to alphabetize as part of their daily seatwork during reading groups. It was a good way to practice alphabetizing while reinforcing sight word vocabulary at the same time. You can differentiate the activity by raising the bar for some students with alphabetizing to the second and third letter. Struggling students or children with poor fine motor skills only had 5 cards each day and none began with the same letter. We encouraged the children to look at the alphabet line on their desks or the one on the wall. Before they copied the words onto a paper, they had a predetermined buddy/parent helper, etc. check them. It was painless that way since they could just rearrange the cards if needed. It can be used as a portable center since they can do it on the floor or on the top of their desks.

Some teachers sort the cards into 3 groups and put them into color coded, numbered envelopes. It's easy to keep track of who completes each envelope. Just copy a class or group list and put it on the front of the envelope. Kids can circle or check their name upon completion. It's good to have the whole alphabet in front of them or available for reference. You'll hear some at-risk students singing the alphabet song as they work on this activity! I love it!

This is a good lead-in to using the dictionary. If your kids have personal writing dictionaries, have them add new words during your guided reading or skill lessons. Ask them where they will find the first letter of the word: at the beginning, middle, or end of the alphabet and refer to your alphabet chart. This will quickly eliminate turning countless pages while looking for the right letter!






My Little Book of Words for Writing

This is a handy little reference book that is meant to support early and emergent readers and writers. It contains Dr. Edward Fry's first three hundred high frequency words. Each letter of the alphabet has its own page with a colorful graphic that serves as an anchor for the sound. I would suggest laminating the cover and then binding the book at the top.






Ways of Learning the Alphabet

Check Linda Dorn's book, Apprenticeship in Literacy,  page 93, for a discussion of looking at letters and concrete suggestions which include looking at:   
The name of the letter
Show your child a letter card and ask him/her to tell you the name of the letter.

The  way the letter looks
Talk about the shape of the letter. What is the composition of the letter . . . circles, sticks, tails, etc.?

The sound the letter makes
Show your child a letter card and ask him/her to make the sound that the letter produces. Remember that each vowel makes two sounds.

The feel and look of the letter in our mouths (look in a mirror)

Focus on the pronunciation of the letter and the production of the sound. Where is the tongue, and what is it doing? Where are your teeth? (It helps to look in a mirror for this exercise.) I purchased a round makeup mirror with a stand at the local drugstore for this purpose. It was easy for children to handle, easy to store and the magnified side is great.

The movement of the letter as it is written (talk it through in steps)
Talk through the method of producing the letter in printed form.






Mrs. Word Bird 
Lyrics: Cherry Carl       Tune: It's a Small World"

Mrs. Word Bird wants to eat.
Fill her tummy with a treat.
Look for pictures here and there -
under every chair!

Look for bathtub and bacon and butterfly,
You'll find baby and books if you really try.
There is block, boat and bee,
This is fun you'll agree.
If you'll find just one for B.

Variation: verses are available for other letter sounds with reproducible picture cards.




Alphabet Flip Book

This is a sample of an alphabet flip book or "peekover" book. If you'd like directions on how to assemble these, please let me know. I have patterns for several other animals.

Alphabet Peekover Flip Books
Zip File Set

All Aboard for ABCs



AlphaToons Chart
ABC Menu for Literacy Centers


Handwriting Activity

This page is a black-line reproducible for K-1 teachers. It includes the head, belt, and foot line. You'll need to add the word or letters that you'd like the children to trace. We've used it successfully with kindergarten students who were not writing their names when school started.


Promoting Knowledge
of Letters and Words

This page contains lecture notes from an Apprenticeship in Literacy seminar with Linda Dorn. An explicit discussion of activities to support instruction in primary classrooms is included.


Letter Lotto

Download and print the playing cards, mount on vellum, and laminate for use. This lotto game comes in two formats: one to review beginning consonant sounds and the other for letter recognition. Comes with directions for playing and enough cards for six children.




Sequence With a Smile

Use the graphic on the link for sequencing activities (number order, alphabetical order, story sequence, etc.)  Allow students to work collaboratively if needed.


Accountability Piece: Duplicate the recording sheet so that children can show the work they accomplished during center time. You may want to assemble the recording sheets in a sequencing log.


Option: Use the graphic as a template. Fill in some of the boxes. Laminate and allow the children to use wipe off pens or place in sheet protectors. Make a transparency and use in the overhead projector center.   



My Phonics Sticker Book

When you reproduce this book, you'll need to cut the pages into fourths, collate and bind. Print as many as you need for a group and use with alphabet stickers below. Students can "read' their sticker book, saying the name of the picture and the capital and lower case letters while pointing. This builds 1 to 1 and provides an anchor for automaticity in letter recognition.



Alphabet Stickers

Use with the Phonics Sticker Book above or in your instructional program if you're a reading teacher. Use laser labels (Avery Dennison #5260 or MACO #ML-3025), thirty labels per sheet, 1" x 2 5/8". Some teachers prefer that children draw their own pictures, but emergent readers rarely remember what it was they drew. This method produces a colorful book to read again and again. 



Alphabet Trace and Write Cards

More Trace and Write Cards

Lower Case Modern Set
Capital Modern Set



Alphabet Mixed
Review Set


coming soon!

Alphabet Matching



Long and Short A


Color, Cut and Paste Set 

This set is available on the AlphaToons Practice Pages CD. However, if there is a letter or two that you need, please send me a request via email. The link above will allow you to download a zip file of all of the alphabet pages for this activity.




Writing Fine Motor Skill Activities
Zip File Set

(samples: 2 of 11)



I've Been Workin' On My Letters(Song)


Alphabet Workmat Set


Alphabet Following
Directions Set




  Snap That Sound!
   Beginning Consonant Sounds


Alphabet Word
Wheel Set

This set is available on the AlphaToons Practice Pages CD. However, if there is a letter or two that you need, please send me a request via email.


Alphabet Match and Color Set



Alphabet Find and Color




 ABC Where's That Sound?


Alphabet Song Collection
(27 pages)






ABC Big Books
for Beginning Readers




Readers for ABCs and HFW Words


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