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Games Galore Collection
70+ Games

Games Galore is a full color reproducible  Collection that contains 70+ games for K-3 readers and for intervention and remediation for older students and second language learners. It includes a variety of bingo games (9),  open ended board games (9), Jeopardy (8), Wordo (5), Blends and Dolch Domino Sets (9) I Have, Who Has (12), Go Fish and Concentration/Memory games (18). These are great to use in small group instruction and for independent practice with a strong focus on word recognition and phonics.




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Open Ended Game Board Directions

Preparation and Materials:

    Download and duplicate 2 copies of the word card set on colored cardstock or vellum.

     Laminate for durability and store in a labeled bag, envelope, or box.

    Dice and a Game Board

     Facilitator to flash the word cards

Purpose: To develop automaticity in reading high frequency words through repeated reading.

To Play:

The first player rolls the dice to see how many word cards he/she needs to read. If the words are read correctly, he/she rolls the dice again to see how far to move on the game board. The first player to reach the end wins.

Alternate win: the player with the most cards at the end.

The teacher, a parent volunteer, or a more competent reader (cross-age tutor) should monitor the game for accuracy.

Reproduce for practice at home.





I Spy!


Hop To It!

The Race is On!
(Four players with race track)

Build a Word!
(Option: Student draws an onset and a rime to build words)

Be a Ready Reader

What's That Sound?
(Use for phonemic awareness practice)

Stop For a Word!

Slide Into Diphthongs
(Read words with diphthongs)


Colorful Words
(Option: Read descriptive words or student has to provide a synonym)

Dive Into Digraphs
(Read words with digraphs)

Way To Go!

It's Super Sentence Man!
(Read sentences for fluency practice)

Do the Bunny Hop!

How Many Flavors?
(Sort by Nouns and Verbs)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
(Compound Words)

Flying High!
(Short o Word Families)

Happy Holidays!

Bear T. Crocker's Kitchen

Bear T. Crocker's Kitchen

Panning for Gold

What's Up, Bearlock Holmes?

Who Has the Perfect Pet?

Double or Nothing?
(double the consonant, add -ing)

Race for a Rhyme!
(Do They Rhyme?)

Game Cards





Alphabet Activities



A Book for Bookworm

Bones, Bones, Bones

Busy Bees

Easter Egg

Fall Friends

Farm Animals

Fun With Frogs
(Alphabet Matching)

Got Milk?

  Happy Birthday!

Have You Seen My Cat?
(ABC Match)

Heavenly Cookies
(Alphabet Match)

Patriotic Pride
(Alphabet Match)

Penguin Alphabet

Polar Bear Alphabet

 Pick a Pumpkin

Sunflower Sue
(Alphabet Match)

Where is Father Frog?









Number Activities





Category Sorts
(for Real and Pretend)

Category Sorts
(for School and Farm)

Category Sorts
(for Seasons)
Category Sorts
(for Sewing and Cooking)







Letter Lotto

Download and print the playing cards, mount on vellum, and laminate for use. This lotto game comes in two formats: one to review beginning consonant sounds and the other for letter recognition. Comes with directions for playing and enough cards for six children.






Short Vowel Bingo

Reproduce and laminate these colorful bingo cards to use with a small group or with children who are having difficulty hearing and reproducing short vowel sounds.





Rhyme Time (Bingo)

Bingo Word Cards
Duplicate the bingo cards, word cards and instructions, mount on vellum and laminate. Reinforce rhyming as a phonemic awareness skill with this colorful game.









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