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Updated October 8, 2015






   Look Who Did the Translating!

Dear Cherry.

We feel that you have been very positive and nice to us, and that we need to get to know each other better. Therefore we send you a picture of the three of us so you can see your new Norwegian friends. From left to right: Tom Haug, Målfrid Schärer and Bente Fredagsvik.

Tom is 47 years young, married and with three lovely girls aged 17, 13 and 8. He is part-time teaching 11-12 year old students, and part-time working with developing material for children with special needs. Almost everything is computer-based.

Målfrid is 51 years young, lives together with her 16 years old son. She is working with testing and observing children with different kinds of learning problems. She also provides courses in Norwegian and English languages as well as mathematics. And, of course, she is also working with developing material for children with special needs.

Bente is 60 years young, with four grown-up boys (her husband included). She teaches young children with Down syndrome, and works together with Tom and Målfrid.

In the picture you can see the three of us in our little "working cave", waving to you, wishing you a delightful weekend!

Warm regards,

Bente, Målfrid og Tom

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De små vennene
(The Little Friends)
Dette er katten min
(This is My Cat)
Dyr, dyr i dyrehagen
(Animal, Animal)
En far har mye å gjøre
(A Father Has a Lot to Do)
En hund kan gå på skolen
(Dog to School)
Er du klar, lille hare?
(Are You Ready Little Bunny?)
(Crayon Crazy)
Fem små frosker
(Five Funny Little Frogs)
Fem små marihøner
(Five Little Ladybugs)
Fire små pingviner
(Five Little Penguins)
Fem små snømenn
(Five Little Snowmen)
Frosken og hunden er venner
(Frog and Dog)
Han er . .
(He is . . .)
Hopp! Hopp!
(Jump! Jump!)
Hva er blått?
(What is Blue?)
Hva er brunt?
What is Brown?)
Hva er grått?
(What is Gray?)
Hva er grønt?
(What is Green?)
Hva er oransje?
(What is Orange?)
Hva er rosa?
(What is Pink?)
Hva er rødt?
(What is Red?)
Hva er hvitt?
(What is White?)
Hva er gult?
(What is Yellow?)
Hva er svart?
(What is Black?)
Hva gjør mor?
(What Do Mothers Do?)
Hvem bor i dette huset?
(This House)
Hvem er jeg?
(Who am I?)
Ja, det vil de!
(Yes, They Will!)
Jeg har en . . .
(I Have . . .)
Jeg liker å . . .
(I Like to . . .)
(Christmas Cookies)
(Christmas Tree)
(This Cat!)
Katter, katter og flere katter
(Cats, Cats and More Cats)
Kom hit, katt! Det er skoletid!
(Come Here, Cat!)
Kom, la oss leke!
(Let's Play!)
Kua sier: Mø.
(A Cow Says Moo)
Løvet faller ned!
(Leaves Will Come Down)
Moro med pepperkaker
(Fun with Ginger Folks)
(Awesome Opposites)
På stranda med bjørnene
(At the Beach with the Bears)
Påskehare, påskehare
(Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny)
Piggsvin, piggsvin, hvem ser du på?
(Hedgehog, Hedgehog)
Røde skole, røde skole, hvem ser du på?
( Red School, Red School)
Se, det regner nå!
(It's a Rainy Day!)
(The Snow People)
Spør oss om skole
(Ask Us About School)
Stor hund, liten hund
(Big Dog Little Dog)
Stor og liten
(Big and Little)
Tid for leker
(Time for Toys)
Ting å gjøre om våren
(Things to Do in the Spring)
Ting å gjøre om sommeren
(Things to Do in the Summer)
Ting å gjøre om vinteren
(Things to Do in the Winter)

Ting vi gjør på skolen
(Things to Do in School)
Ting vi gjør på skolen II
(Things to Do in School)
Tøffe føtter
(Fancy Feet)
Vi liker å dra!
( We Like to Go!)
Vi liker friminutt!
(We Like Recess!)
Vil du ha en annen?
(Do You Want Another?)
Vinter, vinter hva ser du?
(Winter, Winter)



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